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Release date: 
May 12, 2015
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Play Devil on Both Shoulders

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Devil on Both Shoulders

Much-acclaimed rootsy singer/songwriter Romi Mayes has earned a JUNO nomination and won five Western Canadian Music Awards for five previous albums. She'll likely add to that haul with her new album, Devil On Both Shoulders. The devilishly good record was produced by Grant Siemens (Corb Lund) and top-notch players featured include Damon Mitchell (The New Meanies, Nathan), Alexa Dirks (Chic Gamine), Bernie Thiessen (Big Dave McLean), and Marc Arnould. Mayes has a full-blooded and sometimes rock-accented voice that does justice to the emotional authenticity of her material, as on the gutsy title track here. She explains in a press release that “I quit smoking six months before the album recording so I was able to sing in a different way and more melodically than I had expected I would”. A strong performer, Mayes has toured extensively in the U.S., U.K., and Europe.

She hits the road for an extensive coast to coast tour beginning May 20 at Toronto's the Rivoli, with notable guests Jimmy Bowskill, Paul Reddick and Samantha Martin. For the full itinerary, go here.