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Release date: 
March 17, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Speak No Evil

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We were impressed by Curtis Nowosad's 2012 debut The Skeptic & The Cynic, and his new full-length Dialectics showcases his creative evolution nicely. The Winnipeg-raised jazz drummer/composer/bandleader is now based in NYC and is a Fellow of the Jazz Institute at Manhattan School of Music. He lured fellow NYC-based expats Steve Kirby and Derrick Gardner (along with sax ace Jimmy Greene and Will Bonness) back to the 'Peg to record this self-produced effort last year. Well-crafted originals fit alongside gems penned by Monk and Wayne Shorter (the dynamic "Speak No Evil"). The album liner notes describe Nowosad's sound as "neo-hard bop", and there's a pleasing variety of tones here. Of note: the versatile Nowosad recently drummed on Harmattan, a cool hiphop disc by Winnipeg artist Alfa.

Dialectics is being launched with a March 20 performance at the WECC in Winnipeg, with Jon Gordon replacing Greene in the lineup there.