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Release date: 
May 14, 2014
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Diamond - Single

The trajectory of the members from defunct indie hardcore act Attack in Black has certainly been an interesting one. Like Dallas Green’s shift from his work with Alexisonfire to his more vulnerable solo project, City and Colour, members of AiB have gone full-blown country, tried out CSNY-styled folk, and turned singer-songwriter. For his third solo effort, guitarist Spencer Burton is ditching his Grey Kingdom moniker and recording under his own name. He’s released a new heart-wrenching melancholic single, “Diamond”, the first from a forthcoming currently-untitled fall album. Produced by former bandmate Daniel Romano, it’s haunting, rustic, and reminiscent of the work by tortured songwriter Nick Drake. “I rode motorcycles, long and lonely, fell in with the wrong people, drank everything I could to pass the time and put the pain away,” says Burton, on the experiences that shaped the album. Expect brutally honest and soul-bearing storytelling; we wouldn’t want our songwriters to offer any less.

Grab a free dl of “Diamond” over on Soundcloud