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Release date: 
March 17, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play Soap and Denim

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Colleen Brown is an extremely accomplished singer/songwriter who deserves more success than has come her way to date. Hopefully that will be rectified with superb new full-length Direction. It's a very eclectic album, mixing folk, pop, rock and r 'n b elements, and the variety is enhanced by the fact it was was recorded with different producers in four separate locales (some songs appeared last year on her EP Direction 1: Major Love). We're especially taken with the tracks Joel Plaskett produced and played on, including "Soap and Denim" and the upbeat "Randy Newman". Brown writes great songs and has a supple and versatile voice that sometimes evokes Joni Mitchell (never a bad thing!).

She launches the CD with a gig at new T.O. venue The Burdock on March 20. Her Western tour begins at The Ironwood in Calgary on March 29. Check her site for more info.