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Release date: 
April 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Don't Take Yourself Away - Single

The ubiquitous Hawksley Workman has an appropriate surname. Is there a harder-working more versatile artist in Canadian music these days than the charismatic singer/songwriter/producer/playwright/author? He is still having an impact with rock super-trio Mounties and he recently toured the country with great success with his one-man cabaret The God That Comes. He has somehow also found time to write and record a new solo album. Old Cheetah (no, not an homage to Lance Armstrong or Ben Johnson) comes out on Six Shooter on June 2, and just-released track “Don’t Take Yourself Away” sure whets our appetite. The seductive track suggests '80s era Bowie (perhaps something of an artistic role model for Workman?) via insistent synths and theatrical but never overwrought vocals. A song you'll want to hit repeat for, and hopefully one soon to brighten the commercial radio airwaves.

Workman has some summer gigs fest planned, including Four Seasons Park in Beaumont AB (June 21), Ottawa Bluesfest (July 10) and Interstellar Rodeo at The Forks in Winnipeg (Aug. 14).