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September 4, 2014
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Play Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
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Don't Wanna Say Goodbye - Single

When we last heard from The Meligrove Band, they were the subject of a documentary, Ages and Stages, which chronicled their tumultuous career. Through bad luck and numerous labels, they’ve persevered and held tight to their indie-rock vision though. After a four-year wait since the fantastic Shimmering Lights, the quartet’s ready to release their fifth LP, Bones of Things, on November 18 through We Are Busy Body Records. The first upbeat streaming single, “Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye” is pure indie-pop fun, built around The Strokes-like riffs and a sturdy harmony-laced arrangement, certainly assisted by producer Jose Contreras (of By Divine Right). The band’s peers, Tokyo Police Club and Born Ruffians, have found recent success in the indie game. This could finally be The Meligrove Band’s time to shine.

Head over to Aux for a 10-year retrospective of We Are Busy Bodies, detailing the defining releases of the label (of which The Meligrove Band played a big part).