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Release date: 
January 20, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Dopamine - Single

The full return of melodic rock 'n rollers Limblifter is now keenly awaited. Interest in the band was confirmed two years ago when their self-titled 1996 release received a vinyl reissue. Due out on April 7, upcoming fourth album Pacific Milk will be the first in 11 years from the recently reunited band. They remain led by Ryan Dahle, now doing double duty in 'super-trio' Mounties. New single "Dopamine" finds Limblifter's knack for snappy hooks and riffs and intriguing lyrics intact. Dahle is now an accomplished producer (k-os, Hot Hot Heat), and he recorded the album at Vancouver studios recRoom and Greenhouse Studios. The band was initially formed by Ryan and brother Kurt Dahle (New Pornographers) as an off-shoot from the popular Age of Electric. In their earlier incarnation, they scored a CASBY Award, Juno nominations and a bunch of radio hit singles (we still love "Tinfoil" and "Ariel vs Lotus"). We're hoping "Dopamine" adds to that tally.

A just-announced Canadian tour features dates in Vancouver (March 19), Calgary (March 20), Edmonton (March 21), Hamilton (March 26), Toronto (March 27), and London (March 28).