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June 9, 2015
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Double Mind

The number of local musicians in the crowd at Toronto's Great Hall last week for the release party for David Celia's new CD, Double Mind, confirms the peer respect he enjoys. To date, he's rather better known in the U.K. and Europe than in Canada, but this fine new offering will hopefully change that. Celia writes melodic and eclectic roots meets pop-rock material (his style defies easy pigeonholing), and his easy on the ear vocals occasionally bring Jim Cuddy to mind. He's also a killer guitar player, making him a triple threat. The album features such first-class players (and harmony singers) as Cleave Anderson (Blue Rodeo), Joan Besen, Burke Carroll, Catherine MacLellan, Ariana Gillis, Gene Hardy, and Americans Michelle Casillas and Ed Pastorini. The self-produced Double Mind was mixed by Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers) at the House of Miracles, and the production quality is high.

In between touring in Europe, Celia plays a regular Friday matinee (6-8) at Toronto's Cameron House. He performs at Fiddlehead Social in P.E.I. on July 19 and the Blue Skies Festival in Clarendon, ON on Aug. 1.