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Release date: 
May 12, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play Something Beautiful

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Dream It All Away

There may not be any gold records or Juno Awards in his house, but roots-rock troubadour Leeroy Stagger can take pride in an extensive discography of real quality. Besides, placing a song on Sons of Anarchy and earning the peer respect of people like Steve Earle and Steve Berlin (he produced Stagger's killer album Truth Be Sold) is cooler than a Juno, right? New release Dream It All Away is his tenth studio album, and it's another winner. It covers a lot of emotional and musical terrain, and his gruff vocals and skilled songcraft are consistently strong. There's an early Dylan-style talkin' blues song ("New Music Biz Blues") and an angry protest-themed tune ("Poison The Well") that fit adroitly alongside more reflective tunes like "Something Beautiful" and "Happy Too". The record is co-produced by Russell Broom (Sam Roberts, Jann Arden), and he also contributes fine guitar work (other players include Odds drummer Pat Steward).

Stagger has an extensive cross-Canada tour, running from May 27 to July 17. For details, go here.