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Release date: 
May 27, 2014
Total songs: 
Play The Secret Life

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Greg Smith is primarily known as bassist in the much-loved The Weakerthans, but he's also a talented singer/songwriter. That is illustrated on Dreamers, the first album from his new project G. Smith and The Bad Dreamers. His bio explains that "it was written while he was recording and touring with The Weakerthans. These songs evoke that strange rhythm". His fellow Dreamers include members of Two Minute Miracles and Minotaurs, and the disc was recorded with Andy Magoffin at his famed House Of Miracles studio. This is appealingly melodic and well-crafted indie-rock that's a touch mellower than Smith's main band (the catchy "The Secret Life" is a good example). Look for Bad Dreamers shows in Ontario in the fall.