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Release date: 
March 5, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Other
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Drown With The Monster

Furious Vancouver punk act White Lung recently signed to British indie label Domino Records and while no album has been announced as of yet, the band’s unveiling a new heavy-hitting single “Drown with the Monster”. In their signature two-minute running time, lead vocalist Mish Way wails, screams and dispenses her rage atop pounding drums and whirlwind guitars. It’s a beast of a punk tune, and in line with everything we’ve come to expect from the foursome.

In a press release, Way explained the song’s influence:

“I was looking at these pieces by Andrea Mary Marshall in The New Inquiry and there was this quote from her, 'Toxic Women are toxic to themselves. They are Tragic Heroines who blow dry their own wounds. I aspire to be the opposite.’ This song is about kicking habits and running away with a new distraction. It's a song about my two biggest vices, but I'd rather drown with the monster than blow dry my wounds."

No Canadian dates are scheduled at the moment, but definitely keep an eye out. Their live shows are not to be missed.