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Release date: 
October 14, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Train To Tarrytown

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Juno-nominated saxophonist/composer Tara Davidson has released three adventurous albums as a leader and her recent collaboration with William Carn, 9, also notched a Juno nom. She has also performed at Carnegie Hall and major international jazz festivals. As the title suggests, new album Duets features collaborations, with six top Canadian musicians. That list comprises Mike Murley (her chief mentor), Laila Biali, David Braid, Andrew Downing, Trevor Hogg, and David Occhipinti. The recording, Davidson's best yet, features original and imaginative compositions from Davidson and all six guest artists.

Davidson is launching the album with a three-night stand at Toronto's Jazz Bistro, Oct. 16-18, with such accompanists as Braid, Murley, Occhipinti and Dan Fortin. For subsequent Ontario dates, go here.