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August 26, 2014
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Edge of a Revolution - Single

It’s impossible to put out a Canadian-centric publication and not discuss Nickelback, likely one of the most divisive acts to ever emerge from The Great White North. The very mention of their name inspires unwavering online vitriol, including petitions to remove them from halftime performances, mock Facebook groups, and claims they write the same song, over and over again. An alternative rock station in the band’s hometown of Calgary even has a "No Nickelback Guarantee". But somebody is supporting the post-grunge quartet – Billboard went so far as to crown them the rock group of the previous decade.

Well after a brief hiatus, Chad Kroeger and co. are back with a new single, “Edge of a Revolution”. It’s the band’s first through their new label Republic Records and will appear on a forthcoming fall record, release date and title TBD. Universal Music Canada CEO Randy Lennox confirmed that an extensive tour with Live Nation will follow, but the exact details are still undisclosed.

Regardless of your feelings towards the band, you can cue the Internet hate already.