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Release date: 
September 30, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Make Make

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El Paseo

We last heard from hard-working troubadour WiL with last year’s Live At The Ironwood  album, one that captured the electrifying nature of his live show (his website is called ibreakstrings for good reason!). Now comes a new (crowd-funded) studio record, his fifth. El Paseo is Spanish for “the ride,” and WiL takes the listener on a thrilling one, thanks to the combination of his powerful voice and intense guitar playing. New single “Make Make” is scoring CBC Radio 2 and The Peak airplay. Another key song here is “Roam”, used in a Travel Alberta media campaign that scored over three million YouTube views.

An extensive Western Canada tour started this week in Kamloops. Check his site for details.