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April 8, 2014
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Hamilton ON’s finest rock revivalists Young Rival made (fuzzy) waves across the web recently for their music video for “Black is Good”, a killer cut from 2012’s Stay Young. It’s the first ever ‘Magic Eye’ styled optical illusion music video or “Autosterogram”– the kind that involves defocusing your eyes to reveal a hidden 3D image. The buzz built, Wired and The Toronto Star gave a nod, and the video racked up close to 1.5 million views. As if that wasn’t enough, the band announced three new tracks with accompanying videos would be released over three months, the first being the vibrant “Elevator”. Britpop built, and in 'n out in two rocking minutes.

If you’re lucky, the soon-to-be-released tunes will be previewed live – dates include London ON @ Call the Office on April 18, Toronto @ Dakota Tavern on April 24, and Montreal @L’Esco April 26.