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Release date: 
September 16, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Poison Arrow

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Last year's debut EP Flying Colors and recent single "Bombshell"/"The City Misses You" certainly revealed immense potential in this young T.O. singer/songwriter Emilia. She passes the test of a full album with flying colors on "E", an eclectic yet always accessible collection of strong original material. There's a refreshing diversity of tempo and tone in the songs here. Many of them trace the yin and yang of love, from the soulful "Poison Arrow" (think a gentler-voiced Adele), to the breezy "How I Got Over You" and the tenderly reflective piano ballad "The City Misses You". "E" is now out via all the usual digital outlets, with a physical release (via E1 Music) to follow in November.
We're eager to see how the tunes go over live when Emilia launches the disc at Toronto's Revival on Sept. 23.