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Release date: 
September 9, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
Play Want To Believe
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On Rich Aucoin’s Polaris-nominated debut record We’re All Dying to Live, he invited over 500+ musicians to participate on the recordings. While there are significantly fewer players involved on his new sophomore album Ephemeral (not that you could tell from the enormous choir-enhanced choruses), it’s no less grand in scope. This exuberant 10-track collection was explicitly designed to synch with the 1979 claymation version of The Little Prince, much like some rock fans believe Pink Floyd did with Dark Side of the Moon to the first 45 minutes of the Wizard of Oz. But it works well too under the guise of being a party record; boisterous anthems such as “Want to Believe” and early single “Are You Experiencing?” can stand strong independently as clever singles, seemingly simple dance-pop structures often belying underlying philosophical sentiments. It’s a little sly to name your most ambitious effort to date Ephemeral, but Haligonian Rich Aucoin is a unique breed of showman, and there’s little to suggest the shelf life of his work would be that fleeting.

Live tour dates include September13 in Victoria BC at the Metro Theatre, September 16 in Vancouver at Fortune Sound Club, September 17 In Edmonton at the Starlite Room and September 18 in Calgary at the Commonwealth Bar and Stage. Expect raucous crowd-engaged shows.  More details over at label Bonsound