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Release date: 
April 14, 2015
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Ernesto and Delilah

The fact that Kevin Breit has won a Maple Blues Award, National Jazz Award and two JUNOs for Best Instrumental Recording testifies to the stylistic versatility of the guitar virtuoso and songwriter. He has oft recorded and performed with such greats as Cassandra Wilson, kd lang, Norah Jones and Molly Johnson, and his very extensive solo (and with Sisters Euclid) discography has deserved more recognition. New release, Ernesto and Delilah is a double-CD set comprising two distinctly different albums. Ernesto is a typically eclectic instrumental record with a strong Brazilian influence, while Delilah is an album of duets with vocalist Rebecca Jenkins (Jane Siberry) that showcases Breit's songwriting skills. Typically adventurous and compelling stuff.

Currently touring in the U.S. with Wilson, Breit plays at Oakville's Moonshine Cafe on April 30 and is back with Wilson at Calgary's Jack Singer Hall on May 2.