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Release date: 
July 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Since impressing with debut 2011 full-length Companions of the Flame, The Autumn Stones have been patiently honing their intriguing '80s Brit-pop meets dream-pop sound. That was shown by recent singles  "In With The Out Crowd" and "End of Faith", both reprised on their consistently strong new album Escapists. The subtle and smart songs of frontman Ciaran Megahey are neatly embellished by the inventive sax work of Gary Butler, a signature component of their sound. Polished yet never slick, the album was engineered and mixed by Dean Marino (Papermaps) and mastered by Noah Mintz (The National). Despite the album title, the record digs deep lyrically in a sometimes philosophical manner (it is dedicated to atheist hero Christopher Hitchens). It is already being shown blogosphere love, and deservedly so.

Check the band's site for upcoming shows.