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Release date: 
March 4, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Rain Rain Rain

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Everywhere I Go

Much-loved Canadian folk veteran Shari Ulrich (The Hometown Band) is busier than ever, via such projects as UHF, The High Bar Gang, and BTU (in all, she has released 21 albums!). She now takes the full solo spotlight on Everywhere I Go, a lushly arranged collection of fine new original compositions. Horns, strings and such A-list players as Eric Reed, Bill Runge and Don Ross all frame a voice as strong and pure as ever. Of note is the fact that the album is co-produced and engineered by Shari’s daughter, Julia Graff. Ulrich plays a CD release party at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room on March 9 then at Kitsilano on March 14, followed by BTU gigs in Edmonton (April 11) and Calgary (April 12).