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Release date: 
July 29, 2014
Total songs: 
Play I Don't Want To Leave The Party

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Fatter Than Ever

Fathead are popular veterans of the Toronto blues scene and recognised as one of the country's best bands in that genre (Levon Helm was a fan). That rep will be enhanced by consistently strong new effort, Fatter Than Ever, out on the reliably excellent Electro-fi label. It's the first album to feature noted guitarist Papa John King, of Long John Baldry fame. Multi-instrumentalist Al Lerman and bassist Omar Tunnoch split songwriting duties, with the soulful vocals of John Mays shining throughout (Lerman takes the lead on r 'n b tune "Shoot That Rooster"). Notable guests include Lance Anderson, Denis Keldie and producer Alec Fraser.

Fathead launched the album last week at Toronto's Hugh's Room, and they play six shows in Alberta in August. Check out their website for details.