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January 7, 2015
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Play Firefly (Annie Murphy)
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Firefly (Annie Murphy) - Single

For the presale of Hollerado’s 2013 charming full-length White Paint, the band offered up an interesting perk: a custom personalized song, written exclusively for each of the 111 purchasers. Given the ambitious scope of the project, it was expected to take some time to accomplish. But the aptly titled 111 Songs is finally completed, and will be available March 24 as an enormous demo package. The first available single, “Firefly (Annie Murphy)”, could be the most personal track from the set. The purchaser and track’s namesake happens to be the wife of frontman Menno Versteeg – he wrote the energetic and overwhelmingly positive tune shortly after their shared condo burned down in spring 2014

Two other tracks from the package, "Sorry You're Alright" and "Bottomless Pit", are currently streaming on Soundcloud. Expect more to become available in the weeks leading up to the release of 111 Songs.