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Release date: 
March 31, 2015
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Five Out of Ten

Indie-folk songstress Beth Moore has fared well in various awards competitions, having won as Artist and Folk Artist of the Year at the 2011 Niagara Music Awards, at the Toronto Independent Music Awards (twice) and on the CBC Expand Your Bandwidth contest. She'll now expand her following via her strong new sophomore disc, Five Out Of Ten, the follow-up to 2011 debut The Road. It was recorded with respected producer Timothy Abraham (Peter Katz, Glen Hansard, Ron Sexsmith), and songs like "Say That Again", "Love Now" (featured on DeGrassi) and "OK OK" show Moore has a penchant for melodic pop-rock as well as folk. Five Out Of Ten? We rate it much higher.

Moore played The Spill in Peterborough earlier this week and has a CD release gig at Toronto's the Drake on April 11.