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Release date: 
November 5, 2014
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Saskatoon quartet Close Talker was mighty close to becoming a hot name in Canadian indie rock last year, after almost winning the CBC Searchlight competition for Canada’s Best New Artist. Look for people to take notice with the release of their second LP, Flux. A follow-up to last year’s Timbers, it finds the band working with Besnard Lakes frontman and producer Jace Lasek (Young Galaxy, Suuns, Patrick Watson) at his Breakglass Studios in Montreal. His spacious and atmospheric leanings lend itself well to the band’s multi-layered harmonies approach, giving the constant Bon Iver and Local Natives comparisons even more credence. Euphoric and vibrant, and a strong effort that suggests great things to come. 

Live dates include November stops in Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, and Ottawa ON before heading to QC, BC, AB, and SK for December. Full details here