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Release date: 
March 3, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
Play Stronger Tomorrow

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Fooled You Twice

New album Fooled You Twice is being called the second solo record from smart pop auteur Thomas D'Arcy, but he has also been at the helm for fine earlier records by The Carnations and Small Sins. His well-crafted and catchy songs are delivered via an appealingly earnest vocal style, and are well-supported by such notable guests/pals as The Stills' Tim Fletcher and Liam O'Neil, Sloan's Andrew Scott, and Broken Social Scene's Justin Peroff (D'Arcy enjoys serious peer respect). Good to see that the album's sublime first single, "All Over Your Face," has charted well on CBC Radio 2's Top 20 chart. There are plenty of other airplay-worthy tracks here too.

D'Arcy launched the disc with a hometown Horseshoe Tavern show last week.