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Release date: 
September 11, 2013
Total songs: 
Play And So it Goes

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For All We Know feat. Bill King

Gavin Hope, the former baritone in the Nylons, and Simba in the stage production of The Lion King, teams up with mentor, keyboard accompanist Bill King on an extraordinary, inspired and altogether exquisite album that mixes jazz with heartfelt soul. Hope's vocals are, quite simply, flawless, as evidenced in his almost tear-welling delivery of Billy Joel's "And So It Goes". His take on Al Kooper's "I'll Love You More Than You Ever Know" is spot on, and the once racially sensitive lyric to "Georgia Rose" is delivered with unaffected affection. Three other stand-outs on an album of standouts: Bill King's panoramic, "Savannah Rising", the torchy "Salt" with Hope counterpointing Selena Evangeline's riveting vocal performance, and the-title track song.  King's accompaniment, on Steinway grand piano and Hammond B3 organ, is as effective as it is understated throughout.

David Farrell