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Release date: 
August 25, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Life Won't Wait

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For No One in Particular

The Luke Austin Band may have recorded some of their new EP, For No One In Particular in Nashville (with Grammy winner Vance Powell), but thankfully they didn't jump onto that bro country-rock bandwagon. Instead they have a heartland rock 'n roll style that neatly evokes two of their main influences, Bruce Springsteen and Kings of Leon. The intense and authoritative vocals of Austin are matched with some tight and high-energy playing by his comrades. There's a nice diversity to the five songs on the EP, and we reckon "Life Won't Wait" in particular has real rock radio potential. Another cut, "Long Road Home", notched impressive airplay and a SOCAN Song of the Week honour earlier. It was written by Luke during a unique cross-country train tour sponsored by VIA Rail Canada. This is a band definitely on the right track.

The group 's upcoming Ontario dates include Live on Elgin in Ottawa (Sept. 11), Dirty Dog in Hamilton (Sept. 12), the Horseshoe in Toronto (Sept. 15), and Two Doors Down in Brantford (Oct. 9). Earlier this week they proved charming hosts at a  fun industry BBQ and Bourbon media event in Toronto, one we thoroughly enjoyed.