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Release date: 
April 28, 2015
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
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For the Town - EP

Vancouver-based hiphop star SonReal is on a real roll now. He won a 2014 MuchMusic Video Award and has earned three JUNO Award nominations for his earlier work. "Preach", the first single off his new EP For The Town, was accompanied with a superb video that has attracted 540k views. The track marries his freewheeling rhyming with some creative production touches (even cowbell!), and other cuts here are equally engaging. SonReal has always recruited top-notch producers, and Rich Kidd is featured to fine effect.

An extensive North American tour begins on May 7 at Hamilton's Club Asinthe, and he plays an Osheaga anniversary party at CMW in Toronto the following night. He's also on the Squamish Valley Festival bill on Aug. 8. Check his site for more details.