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May 13, 2014
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Play For Those Who Stay

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For Those Who Stay - Single

After a couple of  video teases, Kingston ON indie rock duo PS I Love You is finally ready to announce their upcoming third record, For Those Who Stay (due July from Paper Bag Records) and have unveiled the centerpiece of the album, the title track. Clocking in at a hefty six-minutes, it’s a far cry from the punk urgency displayed on 2012’s melee record Death Dreams. An ambitious emphasis on warped psychedelic textures and crisper production demonstrate their refusal to lean on the tried and true. Far out; let’s see if they take it even further on the new record.

No word on tour dates yet, but it’s worth keeping an eye out - catching PS I Love You live at Sonic Boom was one of my Record Store Day 2014 highlights. Head over to ChartAttack to watch the band’s performance of “Sentimental Dishes”.