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Release date: 
July 22, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
Play In My Mind At Least

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For Those Who Stay

Kingston ON’s guitar/drum duo PS I Love You are an odd fixture, even in Canadian indie rock. Their fuzzed-out guitar jams and wild wailings are nowhere near as anthemic as the Pack A.D., as raw as Japandroids, or as explosive as Death From Above 1979. But what they do, they do well on their third LP, For Those Who Stay. Even at their most polished - finally an album recorded in a “proper studio” (the Bathouse in Kingston) - it’s still a neurotic package, seemingly a quarter-life crisis put to record. Tracks “Afraid of the Light”, “In My Mind at Last”, and “Advice” are frontman/guitarist Paul Saulnier working out his anxieties, set to a more robust instrumental backdrop than 2012’s Polaris-longlisted Death Dreams. There’s also newfound space for gentler moments, as evidenced by the mostly acoustic “Bad Brain Day”. For Those Who Stay reveals the band’s strengths in crafting impassioned and overwhelmingly genuine indie rockers, none of which feel like an afterthought.

Tour dates include August 1 in Sackville NB for Sappy Fest, August 19 at The Drake in Toronto , August 20 at Mavericks in Ottawa, August 21 at Il Motore in Montreal, and September 11 in Victoria for Rifflandia. Details over at Paper Bag Records