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Release date: 
October 6, 2015
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Forty Warm Streams to Lead Your Wings

The title of Forty Warm Streams To Lead Your Wings refers to a milestone birthday for singer/songwriter Megan Hamilton, and this, her fifth record, provides proof of her creative maturity (one tune is termed "Late Bloomer"). She benefits from the work of producer Jim Bryson (Oh Susanna, Kathleen Edwards), who has shown great empathy in working with female singer/songwriters, a skill that is audible here. The first-rate accompaniment on the record comes from Bryson and members of Her Harbour, Hilotrons, and Kingston Symphony Orchestra, but the focus remains on Hamilton's strong songwriting and melodic vocals. Focus track "4 AM" has a lovely pure pop feel that reminds us a mite of Kirsty McColl.

She has an album release show at Toronto's Burdock on Oct. 9, followed by gigs in London (The Root Cellar on Oct. 15), Windsor (Phog Lounge, Oct. 17) and Toronto (Cameron House, Nov. 7).