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April 25, 2015
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Frail - Single

Late last year, vocalist/frontwoman Alice Glass announced that she was leaving popular experimental electronic duo Crystal Castles to embark on a solo career. This left the fate of the band in question, as the project was entirely in the hands of producer Ethan Kath. After a venomous social media battle with Glass, he’s continuing on under the CC moniker, and has released a brand new track to prove it, “Frail”. With dense, gritty synths and an apocalyptic aesthetic, there’s no doubt it’s still the same band. So much so, that some fans were even unclear about the legitimacy of the divide – the female singer in the track is a vocal ringer for Glass, but Kath swore to Pitchfork that it was a “girl named Edith”.

“Frail” will likely be included on the next Crystal Castles full-length, the recently announced follow-up to 2012’s III (exact title and date TBD).