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Release date: 
May 5, 2015
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Play Free to Believe

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Free to Believe

Over the years, we've learned to trust T.O. label Do Right Music as one that will always do right by us in terms of presenting excellent Canadian artists (examples include Dawn Pemberton, The Souljazz Orchestra and Elizabeth Shepherd). They certainly do just that again with The Soul Motivators and their new full-length debut album Free To Believe. This is classic-sounding funk/soul/r'n b that is a fine antidote to so much of the soul-less and processed fare we're dished up these days. A three-piece horn section supplement the core quintet of players, while Lydia Persaud's strong vocals fit right into the funky pocket. An album to crank up loud at your next patio or pool party. Mark us down as Believers!

The band play a CMW showcase at The Supermarket in Toronto on May 9 and at Panamania in Nathan Phillips Square, T.O., on July 12.