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Release date: 
October 7, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Hip Hop/Rap
Play Save Our Waters Feat: Ja$E El Niño

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From Far Away

Kinnie Starr really does defy easy description. She's a Juno-winning producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, beatmaker, poet, activist and more, and her prolific career now spans nearly 20 years. New album Far From Away is typically eclectic. Starr's well-honed social conscience is heard on the plea "Save Our Waters", featuring a Neil Young sample and a rap from Ja$e El Nio ("you can frack off"), yet she is equally convincing on breezy poppy single "Summer Day" and the sweetly reassuring "It'll Be Fine".  A formidable talent.

She began a cross-country tour this week that includes Toronto's Rivoli on Oct. 15 and appearances on David Suzuki's Blue Dot Tour in Ottawa and Victoria. Check her site for details.