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Release date: 
August 18, 2015
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Play Orleans

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From The Devil’s Porch - EP

Let's see: a duo comprising a male singer/guitarist and female drummer/singer playing raunchy blues-tinged rock 'n roll. Ring any bells? Despite the obvious comparisons, The Standstills have enough different stripes to distinguish themselves, and they do that real well on new mini-album From The Devil's Porch (their fourth recording). The label bio terms this "a wicked six-pack of juke-joint hoodoo, British blues bombast, cowbell-thwack boogie and modern-rock swagger", and we concur. The sonic fury of Jonny Fox and Renee Couture is captured nicely by producer James Robertson and mixer Eric Ratz (Big Sugar, Monster Truck), and guest turns by harmonica ace Paul Reddick and keyboardist Anthony Carone are effective. First single "Orleans" is already scoring at rock radio, with other cuts primed to follow. No standing still for these cats.

The Standstills played The Moustache in Oshawa earlier this week. Look for tour dates ahead.