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Release date: 
July 21, 2015
Total songs: 
Country, Folk
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From the Stillhouse

The dramatic choice of band name refers to the fact that Murder Murder concentrate on murder ballads. "Bluegrass gets into a bar fight with outlaw country, and no-one walks out alive" is their vivid stylistic self-description. The sextet has a full-blooded (and bloody) sound, with mandolin, banjo, dobro and fiddle ensuring an authentically rootsy feel, as showcased on strong new album From The Stillhouse, their second full-length. Despite the dark themes (song titles include "Where the Water Runs Black " and "Evil Wind" ), there's an exuberant feel to much of their music. Murder Murder were recently named CBC's Searchlight Northern Ontario Champions.

The band has been gigging in eastern Canada and have upcoming shows at Sudbury's UPFEST (Aug. 13-15) and The Laughing Buddha, Aug. 14.