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Release date: 
July 10, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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"Fantome Saison"/"Year After Year" (Split 7" w/ Hawk and Steel)

Vive la vinyl renaissance! Another sign of this reassuring trend is the launch of a new Canada-based 7-inch vinyl club, Bellemare Records Singles Club. In their own words, "this pairs a band from the wild west coast with another from across the great lengths of land and sea. The result: two new, original tracks and two never-before-heard covers". Their premiere release pairs Victoria’s Hawk and Steel with Toronto’s Snoqualmie, two bands with a shared history via earlier group Forestry. Snoqualmie's "Fantome Saison" is a fuzzy Dino Jr.-styled gem, while Hawk and Steel's "Year After Year" is a gentle yet compelling pedal-steel embellished ballad. Sweet. Both original tracks were mastered by Juno award winning producer Dan Weston.

You can buy the digital songs now, and/or pre-order the 7 inch prior to the Aug. 8 vinyl release. Vinyl buyers get the bonus of a previously unheard cover by each band covering the other band. Cool stuff.