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February 19, 2013
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Gal U Good (Remixes) [feat. Natalie Storm] - EP

Montreal tropical-bass producer (Ghislain) Poirier (poiriersound.com) preps the release of his June 22 Alert Riddim EP with this quartet of remixes of "Gal U Good" featuring  Jamaica's self-described  'electrofied garrison dancehall' vocalist Natalie Storm. Poirier spins his own style of club music; one of the reasons he can share the stage with a range of producers from Diplo to Amon Tobin, and remix acts from grime dubstep god Bassnectar to Montreal folk singer/songwriter, Yoav - and it fits. Here he passes the torch to emerging mixers who offer new impressions of his original fast tempo track. Expect to hear everything from hip-hop and soca beats to shimmering synth work in this package.