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November 13, 2014
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Gallerina - Single

While he may be best known as the multi-instrumentalist in the Barenaked Ladies, Kevin Hearn keeps extremely busy with side-projects. He’s one of Toronto’s go-to keyboard session players, and served as Lou Reed’s musical director from 2007 until the Velvet Underground frontman’s untimely passing last year. If that wasn’t enough, Hearn is now prepping for the release of his seventh solo record, Days in Frames. The early first single “Gallerina” is now available with a pre-order, and is a much more introspective and spacious offering than you’d find with his main gig.

“It’s fun for me to make music that doesn’t have to fit a certain criteria, whether it be regarding the style or sound, or who is playing it,” Hearn said in a press release. “I’m inspired by the works of artists such as David Lynch and Sun Ra, whereas going in that direction with Barenaked Ladies might not make sense. It all finds a home in the proper place. When I make my own records, I can follow my heart and curiosity.”

Days in Frames will be available on November 25, and features guest appearances from Ron Sexsmith, Dan Hill, producer Gavin Brown, and will feature lyrical contributions from the late Lou Reed. The album will be launched in Toronto November 26 at the Piston. Details here