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April 8, 2014
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Garage Rock! - A Collection of Lost Songs From 1996 – 1998

Bravado rocker Danko Jones may be done playing garages, but he certainly hasn’t forgotten his roots. A new collection of unearthed, previously unreleased material appropriately titled Garage Rock! A Collection of Lost Songs From 1996-1998 is now available through the band’s new label, New Damage Records. The material was intentionally shelved in the late ‘90s so that word of mouth could build around the live show, and it stayed that way. None of the tracks made the cut to 2002 debut Born a Lion. Lo-fi and fantastically raunchy, it’s a great glimpse into a band’s origins, especially one as self-assured as DJ. Other rock acts would be lucky to have demos this strong.

No tour scheduled at the moment but if you need a little more Mango Kid in your life, check out his regular podcast – past guests include Henry Rollins, GnR’s Duff McKagan, and members of Kids in the Hall.