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Release date: 
November 11, 2014
Total songs: 
Alternative, Dance/Electronic
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Get Happy/Get Happier - Single

Besides some live dates in NYC for CMJ, Montreal synthpop duo Blue Hawaii, the side-project of Braids’ vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston and the now European-based Alex “Agor” Cowan, has been fairly quiet since the release of 2013’s adventurous full-length Untogether. They break the silence with a new single, “Get Happy”, along with an alternate mix, “Get Happier”.

“Get Happy’ is a song we recorded one day in January 2014 but laid to rest as we got lost in the commotion of touring and moving to separate cities”, the band recently told Gorilla vs. Bear. “As the year progressed, we found our live show intensify but still had all these softer recordings which would never be released. Hence we present Get Happy / Get Happier, where we explore both sides: the original demo and a fun, double-time edit made one day in August.”

The standout is the remixed version, with its’ twitchy rhythms modeled after Thom Yorke’s solo efforts, but that doesn’t mean the slow-burning original mix isn’t also excellent. Download both versions for free on the band’s Soundcloud

Blue Hawaii will play in Toronto December 19 at the Opera House with Austra and Petra Glynt, which they promised on Facebook would be the last show for a “long time”.

At the time of writing, Blue Hawaii is #37 on the NCM Emerging Chart