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July 15, 2014
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Get Out the Way - Single

West coast fan faves (and the NCM Vista Prize first round winners) Mother Mother is on the verge of breaking big – or at least the majors seem to think so. After four records produced through Last Gang, the quintet has signed with Universal Music Canada, home to Arcade Fire, The Tragically Hip, and the Sam Roberts Band.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Universal Music Canada and work with their esteemed staff to release our next album,” said frontman Ryan Guldemond in a press release. “They’re an amazing and hard working group of people and they already feel like family. Here’s to an exciting shared road ahead, bringing the healing stuff of music to a world which needs healing.”

The news of the band’s signing coincided with the announcement of an impending LP, Very Good Bad Thing (already primed as a twitter-friendly #VGBT), expected later this year. The first punchy new single, “Get Out the Way”, feels massive; the track’s grinding fuzz-rock riffs and guiding staccato harmonies are meant to pop through car speakers, rocket on alt radio, and eventually impress on stadium tours.

The band plays Boonstock Music Festival in Penticton BC July 31 and Muskoka Music Festival in Hunstville ON September 13. Expect more dates to be announced with the release of the new record.