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Release date: 
May 12, 2015
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Play Ghost of Love

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Ghost of Love - Single

The band Jooj was formed out of former MuchMusic VJ and current CBC Radio One host Sook-Yin Lee’s video/photography exhibit “We are Light Rays” – the accompanying musical score she had created served as the starting point for her and collaborator/multi-instrumentalist Adam Litovitz’s compositions. With the duo’s self-titled album only weeks away from release, the band has offered a glimpse with a new single, “Ghost of Love”. Driven by gentle fingerpicked guitar atop a textured, swirling soundscape, it finds Sook-Yin channeling the vocal delivery of Warhol superstar Nico while musing on the “illusory nature of romantic love”. The track is wildly experimental, gorgeous, and haunting, all at once - equally as successful as early single "Shoulders and Whispers".

Jooj is due May 26 through Last Gang Records. The band will hold an album release party on May 29 in Toronto at Double Double Land and will play NXNE on June 20, with more dates to be announced soon.