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Release date: 
October 7, 2014
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Play Waiting

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Give & Take

B.C.-based roots rockers the Graham Brown Band (formerly Graham Brown and the Prairie Dogs) are actually better known in Europe than most of Canada. They often tour across the Atlantic, where their melodic country-rock finds an appreciative audience. Formerly with Happyman, Brown is a top-notch singer, songwriter and guitarist, and his band's sound can be compared to the likes of Blue Rodeo and Jr. Gone Wild. There's a nice variety of tunes on new album Give & Take, from ballads like "Lie To Me" to rockers such as "Waiting" and "Justice Done", and the co-production work of Brown and Dave Meszaros is clean. The prolific Brown is also working on an acoustic solo record, telling us it's "early Dylan-esque".

The GBB play Kelowna on Oct. 16, Calgary Oct. 17, and St. Albert, AB, on Oct. 18. Eastern dates are planned in the spring, followed by a U.K. tour.