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January 27, 2015
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Play Glimmer (feat. Emily Haines)
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Glimmer feat. Emily Haines - EP

Originally intended to be a side project to ‘80s industrial act Front Line Assembly,  Bill Leeb + Rhys Fulber’s electronic project Delerium eventually grew into its own entity, ultimately spawning a major hit with 1999’s “Silence” featuring Sarah McLachlan. It became a regular occurrence for the electronic duo to feature guest singers for albums, almost exclusively women. Following the trend, their latest single, “Glimmer”, features superstar Emily Haines of Metric - but it's not exactly new. It's actually a previously unreleased track recorded in 2005.

“Glimmer reads a bit like a Hollywood mystery having been lost for years, has resurfaced by happenstance" said Leeb in a press release. "When our music engineer and mixer, Greg Reely, was pilfering through some recordings, he stumbled upon this song that features Emily Haines of Metric. As it turns out, this track comes from the Chimera album sessions when I collaborated with Carmen Rizzo and Jamie Muhoberac. The song's words remind us even in the darkest moments when it seems all is lost, with perseverance and a little luck, we can find our own place and keep that glimmer of hope."

“Glimmer” is being released as a digital EP package, with remixes by Emjae, Stereojackers and Mark Loverush. The single will also be included on an upcoming Delerium b-sides and rarities album (date and title TBA, through Nettwerk Records).