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January 13, 2015
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Play Gonna Be a Fight Tonight
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Gonna Be a Fight Tonight - Single

Lovers of high-energy no-frills guitar-driven rock will be pleased to learn that Danko Jones will release their seventh studio album, Fire Music, on Feb. 10. The early video track "Gonna Be A Fight Tonight" happily shows them sticking to formula, delivering another riff-alicious treat, one with a Thin Lizzy-feel. It is capably produced by hard-rock maestro Eric Ratz (Billy Talent, Monster Truck, Metric).The trio turn 20 next year, but they remain sorely underappreciated here. Thankfully, they have deservedly won a large and loyal European following, one that boosted their 2006 track "First Date" to an impressive 2.8 mill YouTube views. To check out their entertaining podcast, go here

Danko Jones remain a band best experienced live. After European dates, they will kick off the Canadian leg of their international tour in Winnipeg on April 9 and hit several cities in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, including a date at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on April 24. Visit the band's website for full details.