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Release date: 
February 24, 2015
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Grand Canyon

We were very impressed by Sarah MacDougall's powerful 2014 single  "I Want To See The Light (Lost From Our Eyes)", and her strong new full-length disc Grand Canyon proves that was no fluke. MacDougall earlier had an impact with her album The Greatest Ones Alive, which won a Western Canadian Music Award in 2012 as Best Roots Solo Album. The production (by MacDougall and Caleb Stull) and musicianship here is superb, as would be expected from such notable guests as Peggy Lee, Jesse Zubot, Rose Cousins and Erika Angell (Thus Owls) and the use of elite Toronto studio Revolution as one of the recording locales. The title track is one of many that are definitely airplay worthy, and "I Want To See The Light" is reprised here. MacDougall terms her sound "new-wave folk", an apt tag.

She begins a cross-Canada tour opening for The Once in Montreal on March 11, then plays gigs in the U.K. and Europe in April and May. Go here for details.