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July 29, 2014
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Gravy - Single

Country husband and wife duo The Stellas (Brad and MaryLynne) have an interesting story to tell. You see, their daughters comprise another country duo, Lennon & Maisy, who have scored Stateside success via a recurring role on hit TV series Nashville. Mum and dad have been scoring north of the border, notching 2013 CCMA and CMAO awards as Group or Duo of the Year. They've toured with Johnny Reid and the Zac Brown Band, with Brown and Brad Stella co-writing the song "Let It Rain". The tasty new Stellas single "Gravy" is an upbeat tongue-in-cheek cut featuring the tight vocal harmonies that are the duo's signature. Look for a new album on Universal later this year, following on from their eponymous 2011 debut.

Upcoming gigs include Big Valley in Camrose (Aug. 1), Heritage Park in Calgary (Aug. 4), and Harrow Fair, ON (Aug. 30).