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November 25, 2014
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Greatest Hits

Canadian music suffered a tragic loss five years ago with the premature passing of Haydain Neale, the frontman (and heart and soul) of the very popular jacksoul. Over their storied career, the R&B -rooted group released hit singles and videos and collected Canadian Urban Music and SOCAN Awards, as well as three Junos for Best R&B/Soul Recording. The enduring strength of their material is showcased on this new Greatest Hits collection, one also featuring three new songs (including recent single "Got To Have It”), all culled from Neale's unreleased demo files.

His soulful and versatile vocals and eloquent lyrics were always matched by the superb musicianship of his comrades Justin Abedin, Ron Lopata, JK, and Davide Direnzo, and jacksoul's work stands the test of time. We just can't stop loving it.

Greatest Hits was launched with a party at Roots HQ in Toronto earlier this week that was a moving celebration of Neale's life and music. It featured riveting performances by Luke McMaster, Ivana Santilli and Divine Brown, backed by the rest of jacksoul.