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Release date: 
March 31, 2015
Total songs: 
Jazz, International
Play Sunshine Samba (feat. Hendrik Meurkens)

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Green River Sessions

The debut album from singer/songwriter Hannah Burge, Green River Sessions has been a long time in gestation. She began it in 2008, but masters studies (in ethnomusicology) and motherhood held things up. Thankfully it has now surfaced, as it's a charming mix of contemporary jazz and world music styles, sung and played in superb fashion. There are four strong original compositions here, including the sweet bossa tune and album highlight "Sunshine Samba". Songs given a fresh reworking include Horace Silver's“Nica’s Dream” and Alannah Myles hit "Black Velvet" (which NCM reviewed back in 2012). Green River Sessions was produced by acclaimed Mexican-Canadian bassist Paco Luviano (Jane Bunnett, Amanda Martinez), while notable guests featured include piano wizard Robi Botos and NYC-based harmonica virtuoso Hendrik Meurkens.